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  • 1 Aareal Bank Aktiengesellschaft (Spółka Akcyjna)
    Adres: Warszawa, Rondo ONZ 1;

Aktualne oferty banków

RRSO 319,32%
od 100 do 3 000 zł
do 30 dni
RRSO 321%
od 500 do 7 500 zł
30 dni
RRSO od 0%
od 100 do 3 000 zł
od 7 do 30 dni
RRSO od 0% do 109%
od 200 do 5 000 zł
od 10 do 30 dni

Informacje bankowe

Aareal Bank AG is an international company listed on the MDAX index with headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany,[1] which traded as DePfa Deutsche Bau- und Boden Bank AG and formed part of the DePfa Gruppe until 2002.

The company's history dates back to two institutions: Preußische Landespfandbriefanstalt (founded in 1922) and Deutsche Wohnstättenbank AG (founded in 1923), both of which were based in Berlin. Deutsche Wohnstättenbank AG was renamed Deutsche Bau- und Bodenbank in 1926. Preußische Landespfandbriefanstalt was given the name Deutsche Pfandbriefanstalt in 1954. In 1979, Deutsche Pfandbriefanstalt acquired a majority interest in Deutsche Bau- und Bodenbank. It traded as public limited company under the name Deutsche Pfandbrief- und Hypothekenbank AG from 1989, before going public in 1991 and opening its first foreign branch in Amsterdam in the same year.

Dane bankowe

Pełna nazwa: Aareal Bank Aktiengesellschaft (Spółka Akcyjna)

Siedziba: Warszawa, Rondo ONZ 1

Site: www.aareal-bank.com

Phone: (22) 544-90-60, 544-90-69